Aim of education

Education is the mean which not only enables us with power of earning our livelihood but teacher us meaning of life in a dignified manner .thus we take holistic approach and impart value based education that kind of education which is not only going to teach the students how to earn bread and butter as well as how to face challenges in life.

Some people think that aim of education is merely to give knowledge. These kinds of people want student to read lots of books only and do nothing else but add to their knowledge while others believe that knowledge alone is not enough. Education should   aim solely at making good citizens and good par riots.

As a matter of fact, education should aim at all these important things together. It should give the students knowledge, make them self reliant and able to serve the society and country. So for developing a bud in a full flower, a sepal into a tree, a child into a whole and integrated person. We and you both are determined and committed in a way so that we may bring out our best in our children.

      Thank you.


“We all know that education is very important for our children’s future. We should educate them for a better tomorrow. We believe in a bright education and it is the motto of our school. We are glad to know that parents are happy with our education and they believe in the school. Our aim is to develop a strong environment where children can learn together. We are to ensure that can give a bright education to your children for a better tomorrow.”

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